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Humans of 1FG

A collection of inspiring stories from real people we’ve impacted.


In addition to helping people develop new talents, we also give them the platform showcase them. We organize inclusive social events, where every DJ, photographer, & performer is a local community member. Once these individuals have polished their talents, we further connect them to paid booking opportunities in their area of passion.


“I would have never expected that taking photos through 1FG would eventually lead to paid job opportunities. Being on the team has given me comfortable work environments, opportunities to bond with other likeminded creatives, and in turn, an increase in my creative freedom. My skill set has been enhanced in having more exposure to different types of photography than I had initially considered, but never tried, such as concerts.” Through 1FG I have and believe I will continue to see growth in my work and bonds when working professionally in this field.”


Meet Amaru. He’s an avid 17 year old songwriter, who spoke to us about his ambitions to use his music to elevate his life, and give back to his community. We provided Amaru with hands on creative mentorship in technical audio mixing, worked with him to record a brand new song, and provided him the platform to perform it in front of hundreds.

“Being a 1FG affiliate and performing as well has been a great experience. Getting connected with a lot people and expanding my fan base to a different crowd was the most rewarding part. 1FG brings people together Ive definitely benefited from it”


Meet David, he’s a college senior studying film. Although he’s dedicated his life to videography, he’s found it challenging to find paid opportunities using his talent.

After joining the 1FG umbrella, David has been connected to paid videography jobs throughout the city, through which he is able to further develop his passion, while earning money from the passion he loves.

Xavier & Micah

Meet the Xavier & Micah, AKA the “410Boys”. Balancing school, full time dayjobs, all while pursuing their music career, they know how hard it can be to gain support & find opportunities in their area of passion.

Through 1FG, the 410boys have been given the platform to perform their talents to total audiences exceeding 1000. “1FG has given us the opportunity to sharpen our live performance skills, network with local creatives, and reach a more diverse audience.”


Meet Claire. Claire has always loved music, but never imagined the idea of being a DJ. “That’s for the professionals, right?” Wrong. 

We taught Claire how to DJ from the ground up. We then provided her the platform to perform her new talent in front of hundreds, because we believe everyone deserves to unlock their hidden talents.

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